Chairman's Message

“The aim of Education is the Knowledge. Not of facts but of Values.” – William Ralph Inge

I deem it an honour and pleasure to welcome you to Annai Ayesha Arts & Science College for Women.

The College was founded to empower the future mothers with humane and virtuous knowledge, by a group of like-minded youth of this region.

Imam Ali (R.A.) said “Knowledge is life and a cure” and Pluto said “Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous. Our College inculcates virtue and humanity in the young minds while they study here.

It is indeed very heartening to witness that Annai Ayesha Arts & Science College for Women has carved a name for itself in the academic scenario of the region.

I strongly believe that Education is the most powerful tool to bring desirable changes in our society. It is only medium which enables us to move from darkness to brightness.

I assure you that our team of faculty and administration would continue to provide required atmosphere for our students to master their skills and their parents to have peace of mind about their ward’s conduct and knowledge acquirement.

I Wish success here in this world and in hereafter to all our students, their parents and our team of dedicated Staff.
- Abdul Subhan