In-depth knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, calculus and other theories. It also explores related topics like Computer Science and Statistics. It helps in building a good foundation base for pursuing higher studies.

The basic minimum eligibility for pursuing B.Sc., in Mathematics is a X and XII qualification from a recognized educational Board with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects at the intermediate level, with a minimum aggregate score of 50%.
B.Sc., in Mathematics essentially involves an advanced learning in ways to enhance the quality of life and overall well-being by promoting healthy diet behaviors and exploring healthier dietary modifications.

The program consists of a comprehensive curriculum that combines the science of nutrition with a broader view of wellness, community and environment, delving into reasons for unhealthy eating behaviors and ways to rectify and improve the same.
Students interested in learning about nutritional matters and food habits, and in training in health care units such as clinics, hospitals and community nutrition in close proximity of doctors, clinicians and dieticians, are best suited for a B.Sc. in Nutrition & Dietetics.

Ideal candidates would have relevant skills such as tact, team spirit and compassion, and an inherent instinct to counsel, guide, and treat patients suffering from diet- based health issues.

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